Net Preamble

Want to try acting as net control?  Feel free to use the preamble script below to help you along.


LEARS Ragchew Net Preamble


This is the Little Egypt Amateur Radio Society’s Monday evening net.

This net is open to all amateur radio operators holding a valid FCC amateur radio license.  You do not need to be a member of the club to check into this net.  All checkins are welcome and appreciated!

I am your net control for this evening.  My call is  ______________ , my name is _____________________, and my location is _____________________ .

The subject of the net tonight is (___________________) general ragchew.  Anything the participants want to talk about is OK.  If you have any Amateur radio equipment that you want to buy, trade or sell, that is fine; as long as you are not in the business buying or selling such equipment. 

OK . . . . . let’s get started.

Do we have any formal traffic to be handled this evening?  If so, indicate how many pieces and he destinations when you check in.

(If someone calls in with messages to be passed, Net control should acknowledge them and call for another station to receive them.  Allow the 2 stations to complete their exchange.  If no one will take the traffic, net control and take the message if he wants to.  No one is forced to receive traffic.)

Do we have any mobile, portable, or short time check ins?  (Receive)

Do we have any regular check-ins?  (Receive and record in order)

(After every 1 or 2 callers, call for new check-ins.)

OK, we are at the bottom of the list.  Are there any more check-ins?

Before we close, does anyone have any announcements for the net?

Last call for check-ins before we start our 73 round . . .

Let’s go back to the top of the list and start our 73 round.

OK, we are at the bottom of the list.  Are there any more check-ins?

Not hearing any more, so I thank everyone who checked in.  This is ___________ (call) closing the Little Egypt Amateur radio societies Monday night net. We will now return the repeater to regular amateur use.  Good Evening!