Silent Keys

This page is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Gene Vlastnik, WB9STX, LEARS Vice President 2007, and to all amateurs that have become silent, who listened to and talked on the 146.805 LEARS repeater in Southern Illinois.  You have made our lives richer having known you.

Silent Keys:

Edward E. Nicholson Sr., N9WNC - 06/31/1996

Marion Scott Martin, N9YWT - 01/06/2004

William L. Stalions, K9IEY

Wayne M. Seagle, KB9TMQ - 07/16/2005

Sid Smilanich, AA9RF

William L. (Bill) Simmons, N9YUI

Gary Hooten, N9YUK

Gene Vlastnik, WB9STX - 04/29/2007

William Tim Tennison, KC9LUC - 11/2007

Raymond Young, KC9AGA - 10/2009

Daniel Wayne Epplin, KC9OLI - 06/30/2011

Charley Cline, N9XUC - 08/07/2011

Edward R. Cash, W9ERC - 06/09/2012

Frank Kone, KF9KN - 11/26/2013

John Frederiksen, N9TPU - 06/04/2014

Cliff Kellam, N9BJG - 05/23/2015

Jason C. Majdich, KF9LX - 04/13/2016

Charles Ivan Prior Jr., KA9F - 12/01/2017

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