Training Net


Good evening this is __________ (Call Sign) the Net Control Station for this evening’s session of the LEARS SKYWARN Training Net. My name is _________ and I am located in _______________ .

Any station with an actual emergency may break this net at any time by informing Net Control that you have an emergency and control of the frequency will be turned over to you.

The purpose of this skywarn training net is to disseminate information and provide training for local amateur radio operators to collect direct weather observation data and provide this information to the National Weather Service office at Paducah, KY

We welcome and encourage all amateur radio operators to check into the net, whether you are SKYWARN trained or not. This is a Directed Net, and as such all transmissions are to be made through Net Control. We ask, that once checked into

the net, that you do not leave without first informing Net Control.

When checking into the net, please call this station ___________ (NCS Call), drop your carrier to check for doubling, then after a slight pause, please first provide your call sign, your SKYWARN Spotter ID Number (if assigned), a current, visual weather observation, weather your mobile or base station and list any traffic that you may have as well as location if mobile.

Please speak slowly, and clearly, there is no need to rush.


After check-ins say, “The Net welcomes the following stations.....” Repeat the stations heard

At this time : LAST CALL For late Check-ins:

This will be the last call for check-ins to the LEARS SKYWARN Net. “Stations who have not checked-in from any area may

do so at this time, please call this station __________, Net Control. CLOSING

The LEARS Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Normal meetings are held at 6:30PM at the Franklin Hospital in Benton, IL. Anyone interested is welcome to attend you need not be an licensed amatuar radio operator to attend . Our Normal rag chew nets are held every Monday at 8:30PM on 146.805 with a pl tone of 88.5.

This has been a regular session of the LEARS SKYWARN Training Net. I would like to thank all those who have checked into the net this evening for their participation and support for this SKYWARN Weather Communications Net.

In the event of an anticipated or actual severe weather emergency, all available SKYWARN operators are asked to standby on this frequency for instructions.

I would like to thank the following stations who checked in tonight training session and they were:

Read off the check-in list.


This net meets every first Tuesday of each month . The net will be held at 7PM on the 146.805 repeater with an 88.5 tone. The net is now closed and I will now return the repeater back to casual amateur use.

This is ______________, Net Control ......OUT........73, Good Night to all and safe spotting!