Franklin and Jefferson County ARES groups will be conducting a Simplex Exercise

Post date: Aug 17, 2022 5:12:43 AM

On August 18th at 8:00pm Franklin and Jefferson County ARES groups will be conducting a Simplex Exercise.  We will start at 8:00pm using the LEARS/ARCOM repeaters to announce the exercise and take check-ins.   The Net Controls will be at their County EMA office and the purpose is to simplex to surrounding towns and counties.   At that point the Net control for your County will announce which frequency to QSY to.      Also, we are practicing Relay skills  If one station can hear someone but the Net Control cannot, when Net Control asks for Relay, announce you have a relay and when Net Control stays go ahead state your call sign and say what station you heard trying to check in.   This all can be done from your home or mobile station. 


Shelter Net 146.4250   Evacuation Net 146.4750

CQ CQ CQ “This is an EXERCISE, repeat This is an ECERCISE:”


This is the Amateur Radio Emergency Service 2-meter simplex communications exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to test emergency communications using 2-meter simplex frequencies in Franklin, Jefferson and surrounding counties. We will take check-ins on this local repeater then we will QSY to the designated simplex frequency for testing.


After you make contact or if unable to make contact on the simplex frequency return to your local repeater frequency (LEARS/ARCOM) for further instructions. 


Lets try to make this a fun learning experience