August 01 2022

Post date: Aug 02, 2022 3:44:39 AM

I have regained access to be able to update this page (Thanks to Chris KC9RZV). The LEARS Club has upgraded the repeater to a Yaesu DR-2X repeater. It is set in dual mode Analog (FM) & C4FM. If you only have a Analog radio turn on your CTCSS / Tone Squelch so you will not have to hear the "Digital Noise"(as it has been referred to). Also the squelch tail has been set very short & there is no courtesy (end of transmission) tone. Please let the repeater drop before you key up to reply. I am sorry to say there is no Echo Link on the repeater (hasn't been for a long time) at this time. Maybe in the future on analog only.